US YouTuber enthrals social media by covering toilet in chia seeds and letting it grow in the name of art (VIDEO)

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Malay Mail
Malay Mail

PETALING JAYA, June 15 — A Los Angeles-based social media influencer decided to bring nature indoors by covering her toilet with chia seeds.

Ali Spagnola documented her week-long experiment on TikTok, showing the gradual process of turning her toilet into a living garden.

Her video update showing the toilet in full bloom, captioned “Art is supposed to make you feel”, has earned 2.1 million views so far.


Art is supposed to make you feel

original sound - Ali Spagnola

For those curious about what sitting on a bushy toilet feels like, Spagnola describes the sensation as “odd and pleasing”, and “just a little moist in a satisfying way”.

TikTok users, some of whom had been diligently following the developments for the past seven days, were both fascinated and terrified.

Others had more pragmatic concerns.

“How r u (sic) gonna clean it? Please these are serious questions,” said one user.

“(Am) I the only one that’s wondering how she’s been using the bathroom while the chia was growing?” asked another.

Spagnola, known for her quirky do-it-yourself stunts, previously covered her entire car with chia seeds.

@alispagnola I turned my car into a chia pet and drove it around Los Angeles #diy #carsoftiktok original sound - Ali Spagnola

She also attempted to make a wearable tuxedo covered in chia seeds; unfortunately the seeds only stayed on the vest and bowtie. .

For now, Spagnola appears to be continuing her experiment — this time to see what would happen if she stopped watering her chia-covered toilet.

Responding to comments on her latest post asking why she chose to stop watering her garden-toilet, Spagnola said she had to bike to her studio three times a day just to do so.

“Chia (toilet) consumed my life so I must move on to other art,” she added.