US won't grant visa to Zarif for UNSC meet: UN informs Iran

New York [US], Jan 08 (ANI): The United Nations has informed Iran that the United States will not grant a visa to Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif to participate in the UNSC meeting later this week.

Iran had submitted an application for a US visa on December 10.

"Last night, we were informed by the United Nations that based on the information it received from the United States, Foreign Minister Zarif's visa to address the Security Council will not be issued, but we have not received any communication about it from the US mission," Sputnik quoted Alireza Miryousefi of the Iranian mission to the United Nations, as saying.

The developments comes as the tensions between Iran and the United States have suddenly escalated following the killing of Iranian Quds Force chief Qaseem Soleimani.

Iran has vowed to take the "harshest revenge" against Washington. Meanwhile, US President Donald Trump has threatened that his country will hit 52 Iranian sites if Tehran dares to take any action against the "preemptive" strike. (ANI)