US woman shares terrifying moment her harness malfunctioned while parasailing

A woman has shared video footage of the terrifying moment she was left hanging on for dear life after her harness malfunctioned. Kenyatta Woods, 23, went on holiday with her friends Liv and Lex in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico on 24 May. While there, the group decided to enjoy parasailing. However, things didn't quite go as planned for Kenyatta, a photographer from Los Angeles, when moments after being thrust into the air, she began to slip from her harness. The group had been in the air for 15 minutes when the young woman realised what was happening. As a result, she spent the last five minutes holding on for dear life. Incredibly, the whole thing was caught on camera by an onlooker. Kenyatta shared the shocking experience on Twitter – where the video has since gone viral. In the clip, Kenyatta and her friends can be seen soaring high in the air as the boat drives at high speed through the sea. While Liv and Lex are seated snuggly into their harnesses with their legs bent, Kenyatta's legs are dangling down and she appears to be slipping through. "I went parasailing and fell off the harness," Kenyatta captioned her tweet. "I was really just swangin." [sic] The video has racked up over 110,500 views so far and has been inundated by comments from social media users. Many people couldn't believe how calm Kenyatta remained throughout the ordeal, admitting they would have had a meltdown themselves. "Don’t even look like you're scared!" one person wrote. "Too calm for me! I would have been hysterical and passed out in the air," added another. "I realised I was slipping out of the harness when I was looking down and saw my legs were straight and not bent like the other girls'," Kenyatta said. "It happened because the higher we went up the more the wind was pushing me down." Despite the terrifying incident, Kenyatta said she didn't feel scared. She added: "When I fell out of the harness it was just me giving up because I kept trying to pull myself up and failed. "My friends kept asking me why I kept moving and at that point, I just stayed like that. "I wasn’t scared at all surprisingly enough, it was actually a fun experience and I'd definitely do it again!"