US woman leaps from sofa as spider descends from ceiling and lands near her

This is the moment a terrified woman leapt from the sofa and screamed hysterically when a spider descended from the ceiling.

Hayla Williams was watching TV with her boyfriend Matt Maxted at their home in Colorado on March 2 when the spider lowered itself using silk from its body.

The arachnid was abseiling along the side of the curtains when Hayla suddenly caught sight of it as it landed by her side.

Hayla jumped off the sofa and stumbled on the floor as ran away from the insect - leaving the pet dogs and her partner confused.

Hayla said that her knees were bruised after the incident but it was nothing serious.

She said: "I was surprised to see the spider right in front of my eyes so I panicked. I got a bruise from the fall, but it's nothing serious."

The incident was recorded by their home's security camera Colorado Springs, Colorado.