US to spend $6 billion on arms procurement for Ukraine — Austin

The United States is set to allocate $6 billion for the procurement of military aid to Ukraine from U.S. defense contractors, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin announced on April 26.

Austin made the announcement during a briefing after the meeting of the Ukraine Defense Contact Group (known as the Ramstein Format), describing it as the largest U.S. aid package to date.

“I’m happy to announce today additional commitments totaling $6 billion within the framework of the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative [USAI],” said the secretary.

“This will allow us to purchase additional military aid for Ukraine from U.S. defense industry.”

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Given that the USAI was designed for placing orders for new equipment to be manufactured—as opposed to drawing directly from U.S. military stocks—the aid will arrive in Ukraine in medium- and long-term.

The aid package will include interceptor missiles for Patriot and NASAMS air defense systems, anti-drone technologies, ancillary equipment, “significant amounts” of artillery munitions, air-to-surface weapons, and support services.

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