US Soldiers Welcome Afghan Evacuees at Kuwait Army Base

American soldiers supported evacuation efforts out of Taliban-controlled Afghanistan, with several thousand refugees landing at a temporary lodging base in Kuwait before heading to their “final destinations,” officials said.

Video shared by the Department of Defense (DOD) shows US soldiers receiving Afghan evacuees at Camp Buehring in northwestern Kuwait on Monday, August 23.

The DOD said US Army Central Command (USARCENT) active duty soldiers, Army Reserve, and National Guard troops “continue to work with their US Central Command and Department of State teammates to support Afghanistan evacuation efforts with transportation, immediate amenities, security, logistics and medical assistance at locations in Kuwait.”

Secretary of Defense Lloyd J Austin said on August 25 that since the end of July, approximately 87,900 people had been evacuated from Afghanistan.

Evacuees were transported to US military “safe haven locations” in countries including Qatar, Bahrain, Italy, Spain, Germany, and the United Arab Emirates, officials said. Credit: Department of Defense via Storyful

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