US Soldiers Who Helped Kabul Evacuations Welcomed Home

Some of the US soldiers who were involved in the security operation at Kabul airport during recent evacuations were welcomed home at Fort Drum, New York, on September 6.

Video shows the ceremony that was held at Fort Drum to welcome home the “Polar Bears” of the 4th Battalion, 31st Infantry, with friends and family in attendance.

The commander of the 10th Mountain Division, Maj-Gen Milford H Beagle, commended the soldiers’ leadership and thanked them. “Thank you or doing your duty, which your nation asked you to do. Thank you all for making every single one of us proud of every one of you standing in this formation,” he said.

He said the soldiers were “a testament to what an American soldier is and what an American soldier should be.”

Beagle addressed the soldiers’ friends and family, and thanked them for “your support to your solider, that will never be lost on your soldier, the support you provided them not only today but for the last nine months and the rest of the career.”

“Hug them as tight as you want to hug them, because now they’re home,” he said. Credit: 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division via Storyful

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