US Military's Ramstein Air Base in Germany Prepares for Afghan Evacuees

The United States military’s Ramstein Air Base in Germany prepared for evacuees from Afghanistan on August 19 and 20, the U.S. Air Force said.

This footage shows cots and and tents being built and arranged on the base.

“Ramstein Air Base is providing safe, temporary lodging for qualified evacuees from Afghanistan as part of Operation Allies Refuge during the next several weeks,” the base said in a statement. “Qualified evacuees will receive support, such as temporary lodging, food, medical screening and treatment and more at Ramstein Air Base while preparing for onward movements to their final destinations.”

On August 20, US President Joe Biden vowed to bring all remaining Americans in Afghanistan back to the United States. Pentagon authorities reported that thousands of evacuations had taken place over the past week, as chaotic scenes unfolded at Hamid Karzai Airport following the fall of Kabul to the Taliban. Credit: U.S. Air Force via Storyful

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