US man uses remote-controlled 'litterbuggie' to clear up trash on Texas beaches

A man from Galveston in Texas has custom-built a remote-controlled buggy to help him clear trash. Footage from February 13 shows the aptly-named "litterbuggie" in action as filmer Glenn Morris picks up discarded plastic and other waste from the Galveston beaches. Morris is on a mission to clear not only his local beaches of litter and plastic waste but further afield. He custom builds and sells specialised remote-controlled "litterbuggies" that allow a more efficient method of ridding beaches and oceans of waste. His website explains: "To do our part, we use RC (remote controlled) cars to more efficiently pick up trash on various beaches. "We hope to expand our little hobby into a larger movement, with the goal to make as big of a difference as possible. "This group was created to start open discussions on alternative uses for RC cars, the environmental impacts of trash in the oceans, meeting new people through beach cleanups, etc." Morris has amassed a following of over 28,000 followers on TikTok who follow his eco-friendly journey.