US husband returns home from groomers with the WRONG dog

He had one job!

CoCo Salazar, from San Jose, shared the hysterical moment her well-meaning husband Rudy returned home from the groomers... with the wrong dog.

CoCo told Newsflare: "I am a 911 operator for our local police department. I had been working so much overtime over the holidays and was exhausted.

"We were supposed to have our family pictures taken the following weekend and I needed to have BooBear [the dog] bathed for our pictures.

"Since I am always the one that takes him to the groomers they are only familiar with me but after a 15 hour work day over Christmas day my wonderful husband says "Honey, what can I help you with?" And this happens...

"He comes home with the wrong dog hahahaha... They gave him a dog named "Coco" because he said "I’m helping my wife CoCo."

"In my husband’s defence BooBear has had a couple bad haircuts in the past from a different groomer so he thought "Oh no, she is not gonna be happy with this short cut."

"When he came home with the wrong dog he came up to me and said "Something is wrong with BooBear... he just keeps staring at me and seems out of it."

"My 10 year old grandson said "That’s not BooBear... this dog has teeth and BooBear has no teeth (or very few teeth)."

"Then I look at my cell phone and I had a message from the groomers in a panic that they gave my husband the wrong dog and to come back right away.

"I really do have the best husband ever!!! We have not stopped laughing ever since."

When asked whether BooBear returned home safe and sound, CoCo responded: "Yes of course... hahaha. I don’t even think the owner of the other dog even knew that anything happened ."

We challenge you not to laugh watching this hilarious Dad fail!