US goat owner files charges against neighbour for stealing and painting goat blue — now best friends, wants charges dropped

Anne Grace Savitha
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Harris’ goat painted blue by Farmer. — Screengrab via Fox 10 News
Harris’ goat painted blue by Farmer. — Screengrab via Fox 10 News

PETALING JAYA, March 3 — An Alabama goat owner who initially pressed charges against her neighbour, Erica Marie Farmer, for stealing and painting her goat blue now wants the charges dropped.

On March 1, NewsWeek reported that Erica Marie Farmer removed the goat from her neighbour’s property and brought it to her house to show her child and posted pictures of the blue-coloured goat on social media.

When the goat’s owner Natasha Harris found out about her missing goat and found photos on social media, she was furious.

She called the police to press charges against Farmer based on fears that her goat was abused, claiming animal cruelty and second degree theft of property.

Meanwhile, Farmer said that she didn’t know that the goat belonged to Harris as it was often in her cousin’s house.

“It was a harmless prank and I would never hurt animals at all,” Farmer said.

Kmovnews4 reported that when Harris saw the news and knew Farmer’s real intentions, she apologised to Farmer.

“I told her I was sorry, and I would do anything to help her get the charges off of her.

“And my goat is fine, roaming around as usual and back at my place,” she said.

The news portal reported that Harris and Farmer are now friends and Harris hopes that the Baldwin County District Attorney’s Office will consider dropping the case against Farmer.

Alabama district attorney Bob Wilters however told Fox10 News that while Harris chose to drop the charges, it is the obligation of his office to look at all the facts of the case before deciding to move forward with a prosecution.

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