US daredevil creates VR skydiving game to fulfil his adrenaline needs

A man in Houston, Texas, has created his very own virtual reality skydiving game to fulfil his adrenaline needs. Skydiving enthusiast Amir Valina is seen wearing a headset with a monitor next to him projecting his point of view. Valina replicates all the actions he would do as if he were skydiving for real. He said: "I started CanopySim because of my passion for skydiving. I looked for realistic skydiving games, but there was nothing out there, so I figured I make my own. "Seeing how much VR had advanced in the last few years I figured we can make something that skydivers and people who have never skydived could enjoy! "With CanopySim’s latest update we added the thrill of jumping out of the back of a plane and from the ledge of buildings! It’s the most exciting version yet, but we are adding more and more features as we go!"