Delivery Driver Collapses on Porch Amid Hot Arizona Weather

A UPS driver was doing fine after collapsing on a porch whilst delivery parcels in hot conditions in Scottsdale, Arizona, on July 14, according to UPS.

Brian Enriquez’s home surveillance camera captured the moment the UPS driver staggers toward his door before collapsing on the floor. After a short rest, the man stands up and stomps away.

Enriquez told Storyful that he called the police and asked the officers to check the driver. “I was concerned about him passing out again,” Enriquez said.

UPS said in the statement that the driver was fine, according to NBC.

The local Weather National Service recorded a temperature of 111 Fahrenheit degrees (approximately 43.8 Celsius degrees) in Phoenix on July 14. The weather service said the number was four degrees above the climatological normal. Credit: Brian Enriquez via Storyful

Video transcript


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