Uplifting Footage Shows Reunion of Best-Pal Bernese Mountain Dogs

A dog owner posted video on June 19 showing her Bernese mountain dog reunited with his best friend at Unley Oval, Adelaide, after having been apart for some time.

The endearing footage of Mack, a three-year-old Bernese, was published to the canine’s Instagram account on June 19 by owner Jo Templin with the caption “Every day, I choose you Bow.”

Mack and Bow, who are the same age and come from the same breeder, “usually see each other every week,” Templin told Storyful, “but [Bow’s] family had COVID so it had been a few weeks since we last saw him.”

She said: “They have been best friends since they randomly met on the street at 12 weeks old.” Credit: Jo Templin via Storyful

Video transcript


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