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Update your shower with these caddies Amazon shoppers swear by — all under $30

You'll feel so much cleaner — physically and emotionally — when your shower is all tidied up. (Amazon)
You'll feel so much cleaner — physically and emotionally — when your shower is all tidied up. (Amazon)

If you're anything like me, then you have approximately 82 different beauty products in your shower at any given time. Look, I love a good beauty routine — but between the body washes, scrubs, shampoos, conditioners, hair masks, razors, etc., it's so easy for everything to take over your bath and shower. This is why the shower caddy is the unsung hero of the bathroom.

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The fact of the matter is that a well-organized shower is the difference between a stressful scrub-down and an at-home oasis. No, I'm not talking about plastic, college dorm-style tubs with handles (gross). I'm talking about the sleek organizers that hang from your shower head and the elegant wall-mounted shelves — and Amazon is stocked with them. Whether you're looking for a trendy matte black style or one that features a special soap tray, I've rounded up the best shower caddies on Amazon that won't break the bank. Hooray for organized showers!

This No. 1 bestselling organizer includes five different pieces: Two large caddies that can hold up to 40 pounds a piece, two soap holders and a toothbrush holder. Each piece is adhesive, which means you can stick them to tile walls — no drilling required. It even comes in 13 colors, including matte black (pictured here), gold and light blue. 

"Can I give this more stars?" wrote one five-star reviewer. "It looks nice, holds all my shampoo, body products, razors, poofs, etc. and it was easy peasy lemon squeezy to install. I did it by myself which is saying a lot since I’m pretty sure I’m the least mechanically inclined person on the planet. So far there have been no issues and it still looks great."

$25 at Amazon

If you want to switch things up from classic metal, this stylish bamboo caddy is the right move. It can hold up to 10 pounds of shower essentials and includes three tiers, including one at the bottom for soap, plus hooks and a dedicated spot for your razor. Even though it technically hangs from your shower head, it also comes with suction cups for extra security. 

"Absolutely love this!" shared an Amazon customer. "I’ve had it for a while with no signs of mildew or mold growing on it (which was my main concern) but I think that’s because it’s made from bamboo and coated in something waterproof."

$23 at Amazon
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$24 at Walmart$39 at Wayfair

Are you a minimalist? If yes, this pack of two large caddies will seamlessly fit into your aesthetic. It's made of 100% stainless steel, which means that it's rustproof and waterproof. Each shelf can hold up to 12 pounds. And don't stress about the tub design, there are two round holes at the bottom of each one for proper drainage. 

"I fit almost everything on those two shelves," wrote one Amazon buyer. "I currently have seven bottles on the lower rack and four large bottles on the top ... I put it up maybe a month ago and it hasn’t moved an inch."

$27 at Amazon

Made to fit most showerheads, this classic hanging caddy comes in four colors, including black and bronze. It can hold up to 40 pounds and comes with two extra soap holders, a snap-on hook and a toothbrush holder. The best thing about this, though, is that it comes with an anti-slip collar at the top so it won't swing. 

"I really like how the soap dishes are separate and on the side," shared a five-star reviewer. "Perfect for everything that I need it for. Fits all my stuff and my kids' stuff as well."

$25 at Amazon

Perfect for walk-in showers with limited space, this caddy is held up by a tension pole and comes with four corner-hugging baskets. It's rustproof, durable and super easy to assemble according to Amazon shoppers. Each basket can hold up to 7.5 pounds, and you can even adjust the caddy height to go from five feet to eight feet, depending on your needs. 

"I loved the height flexibility options," revealed one customer. "The L-shaped holders are fantastic and hold more product than the traditional triangle ones, plus they also don't stick out into the shower. I can still use the corner for shaving my legs without bumping into the baskets."

$24 at Amazon
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$94 at Kohl's$24 at Target

Available in silver and black, this three-piece shelf set is suitable for most walls, including smooth plank and frosted glass. Just stick 'em on the wall, fill them with up to 30 pounds products and you've got an organized shower. Because the soap holder is separate from the two shelves, you can put it anywhere you want — or even use it in the kitchen for your sponge if you prefer liquid soap in the shower. 

"Love this," wrote a happy shopper. "[There are] lots of options when organizing shower essentials and more. It's very sturdy. I have pumps in my shampoo, conditioner and body soap and I have been pumping straight from the shower caddy and it hasn't budged off the wall at all."

$14 at Amazon

Fun fact: Wicker shower shelves exist — and they're so cute. And, no, you don't have to worry about the baskets deteriorating — these look like they're naturally woven but they're actually made of plastic. Other than being farmhouse chic, the water repelling material will keep your products safe and stable. And, shockingly, they can hold so much more than you think — up to 30 pounds. 

Shoppers praise the construction as being strong and sturdy. "I bought this for my children’s bathroom and was a little skeptical that it would work because they have so much stuff but it’s perfect. I mean some of these items are really really heavy," said one reviewer. "And to top it off it looks great. It’s very stable. It adhered flawlessly to the tile. And it was easy to assemble." 

$21 at Amazon

Talk about getting the luxe look for less. This set of no-drill corner shelves looks like it should cost hundreds of dollars and was blessed by the interior design gods — but it's only $28 for two. Instead of glass, the base of the shelves are made of thick and sturdy acrylic, making it 10 times safer than tempered glass. They can also hold up to a hefty 40 pounds. Honestly, these are so pretty you should stick them all over your house. 

"These shower shelves are so nice and a great value," stated a satisfied Amazon shopper. " I love you can remove the shelves to wash them and easily re-insert them."

$28 at Amazon

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