Upcoming Spy x Family game looks like a great riff on the Persona series

 Spy x Family: Operation Memories
Spy x Family: Operation Memories

Spy x Family is getting its own video game adaptation, and it looks like a cracking riff on the Persona games.

Revealed earlier today on September 14 during the Nintendo Direct, Spy x Anya: Operation Memories is coming to the Nintendo Switch at some point next year. You'll be playing as Anya for this game, figuring out what to do with your time as you adventure around school and your home.

That's sort of why we're getting a distinct Persona vibe from Operation Memories - you seem to be in charge of your time as Anya, and it's up to you how you spend that time. We see footage of Anya working out with Yor in the new trailer, as well as playing cards with Damien at school.

You can bet there'll be a big focus on the school throughout Operation Memories. If we're seeing the events of Spy x Family from Anya's point of view, then the school is where Anya is throughout most of the latter half of the anime's debut season, so it makes sense that Anya wouldn't spend most of her time thwarting terrorist plots in the new game.

Right now, this is pretty much the only information we have to go on surrounding Spy x Anya: Operation Memories. We don't know when the game will be releasing next year, how much it'll cost at launch, or if it'll be coming to other platforms outside the Nintendo Switch. For what it's worth, we'd be pretty surprised if Nintendo had managed to bag Operation Memories as a console exclusive.

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