An Upcoming ‘Batman’ Comic Will Get A Yoshitaka Amano Illustrated Cover — See It Here

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DC Comics has revealed that an upcoming issue of Detective Comics will get a variant cover by famous visual artist Yoshitaka Amano, as shared in its August 2022 catalogue — and Amano’s take on Batman is clearly visible from the cover design.

Yoshitaka Amano is a multi-hyphenated artist who has created fantastic artworks for several titles in the past. Known for his work in Final Fantasy, he is also behind iconic creations in other DC projects like Superman Red and Blue, Harley Quinn, Suicide Squad and Batgirls.

The Detective Comics issue will be available in certain comic book stores and shops, from August 23 onwards.


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Here’s what we know about Detective Comics’ upcoming issue

What is the cover about?

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The Batman comic cover is illustrated by Yoshitaka Amano. Image Credit: DC Comics

Yoshitaka Amano has produced a mesmerising variant cover for Detective Comics #1093, illustrating a different version of Batman.

Gotham’s ‘Caped Crusader’ is seen embracing Talia al Ghul, who is said to be his occasional lover and enemy.

DC Comics stated that this variant cover will be extremely unique. Retailers will need to purchase 25 issues of the standard cover in order to get a single cover by Amano.

What’s more?

In the June 2022 issue of the DC Connect, the American comic book publisher, shared this about the 85-year-old-comic series: “Old friends Bruce Wayne and Harvey Dent share a moment and ask: When will Gotham stop needing Batman? As Batman’s investigation into Gotham leads him to encounter more and more demonic beings, they all have one thing in common: they are all humans he fights to keep off the streets and behind bars.”

It further added, “But when Two-Face shows up and asks Batman for help, is he friend or foe? And whatever is going on with Batman, is it already too late to do anything about it? Is he the detective or the devil?”

Amano’s long lasting association with DC Comics

The famed artist has been collaborating with DC Comics since 1999. His first project was with Neil Gaiman on The Sandman: The Dream Hunters under DC’s Vertigo imprint.

(Main and Featured Image Credit: DC Comics)

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