"We are unstoppable" Thunberg stirs up climate activists

"They are all pretending they have solutions to the climate crisis and that they are taking sufficient actions but we see through their lies and we see through their blah blah blah and we're tired of it", Thunberg told hundreds of young climate activists who converged to Italy's financial capital to make their voices be heard.

Thunberg has been in Milan to participate in a Youth4Climate meeting ahead of a pre-COP26 summit where environment ministers and youths are set to thrash out a working framework ahead of the Glasgow COP26 meeting in November.

Thunberg was joined on stage by 23-year-old Ugandan activist Vanessa Nakate, who last year held a demonstration in Kampala as a part of a global day of youth action inspired by the Swedish activist's decision to start her school strikes in 2018 to raise awareness on climate change.

"Climate justice is only justice if it includes everyone", Nakate said. "Many times they say 'we want to give voice to the voiceless', but we are not voiceless, we have been speaking for a very long time and we are just getting stronger", she added.

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