How To Unlock Mulan And Her Pal Mushu In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Image: Disney
Image: Disney

Disney Dreamlight Valley is overflowing with beloved Disney characters, and while some are from more recent film outings, many have been adored by fans for decades prior to their arrival to the valley. Two of the newest additions to the game fall in the latter category, hailing from 1998's hit animated film Mulan. Indeed, the titular character and her hilarious sidekick, Mushu, are ready to join your valley whenever you’re ready to open their realm and invite them.

Here’s how to unlock Mulan and Mushu in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Travel to the Mulan Realm door and collect the training equipment

To begin your quest to bring Mulan and Mushu to your valley, head to the Dream Castle and approach the Mulan Realm door. You’ll need to pay 15,000 Dreamlight to open this door, granting you access to the realm and its characters within.

Screenshot: Disney / Kotaku
Screenshot: Disney / Kotaku

Once inside the Mulan Realm, head into the encampment to speak with Mushu. He’ll task you with breaking rocks, digging up rice spills, and flipping over the large cauldron in the encampment. When you’re done with that, he’ll ask you to find four pieces of a training outfit.

  • The Training Socks are in a tent in the encampment

  • The Training Shirt is in another tent in the encampment

  • The Training Pants are hanging on a tree outside the encampment near the water

  • The Training Shoes are on a rock down a wooden pathway outside the encampment

Return to Mushu, then put on your training outfit. Mushu will next give you a recipe book, so open your inventory and use it to learn how to make Mushu’s Congee. Head to the nearby grill and make this dish for Mulan.

Before you can give Mushu’s Congee to Mulan, you’ll need to wake her by banging the large gong outside of her tent. Afterward, she’ll happily eat her breakfast.

Screenshot: Disney / Kotaku
Screenshot: Disney / Kotaku

Forge Unified Dragon Statues for Mushu

Speak with Mushu again after meeting Mulan, at which point he’ll task you with finding a lot of items. With the exception of Dream Shards (which are plentiful in your valley by digging up cracks), you can find all of these items scattered outside the encampment.

Once you’ve gathered the resources, return to Mushu and take his picture. Afterwards, speak to him and then head over to the nearby crafting table to make 20 Unified Dragon Statues. Take these statues back to Mushu, who will ask you to follow him to a kiln wherein you’ll need to place the statues and some firewood.

Enter Mulan’s maze

Mushu will then send you back to Mulan while you wait for the statues to get fired. Speak with her twice, then follow her to the door to a maze. Equip the training weights she gives you, open the door to the maze, then seek out the eight pebbles she’s hidden in the maze. These may be hidden behind walls or rubble you need to clear, but the maze is small, so you shouldn’t have much trouble finding all of them.

After speaking with Mulan and exiting the maze, use your pickaxe on the training bricks in the center of the encampment. Then, head to the water outside and fish in the golden ripples for 10 Salmon. Speak with Mulan when you’re done, then take the salmon to the cauldron you flipped over earlier.

With all this done, you’ll just need to return to Mushu to talk about the statues. If you were quick to complete Mulan’s tasks, you may need to continue waiting for all twenty statues to be finished. But once they’re done, speak with Mushu.

Clean up the landslide and build a fence for Mushu

Suddenly, a landslide will occur, so you’ll need to head outside the encampment and clear the way by gathering logs (sometimes by fishing), digging up sand piles, and using your pickaxe to break up rocks

When you’ve finished cleaning up, plant and water 10 trees for Mulan in the same area. She’ll then ask for Sandbags, so use the sand you gathered from cleaning up and combine it with some Fiber (crafted from Seaweed) to craft 20 Sandbags. Take them to her and she’ll reveal she’s interested in joining your valley… As long as Mushu is okay, that is.

Screenshot: Disney / Kotaku
Screenshot: Disney / Kotaku

Return to Mushu by the crates in the encampment. He’ll want you to gather more wood outside the encampment to craft a Wooden Fence. When you’ve got enough, go craft the fence, then head back out into the previous area where you’ll find Mushu has already dug a ditch for you to place the four pieces.

Build Mulan’s house and get Mushu to join you

Speak with Mushu, watch a cutscene, then speak with him again. Follow Mulan into the encampment and chat with her. She’ll give you her and Mushu’s house, so go back to your valley and place it where you’d like them to live. You’ll need to pay Scrooge McDuck 20,000 coins to finish building it, though.

With their house built, Mulan will automatically join your valley. However, you’ll still need to return to the Mulan Realm and speak with Mushu, who will ask you to find a key. This can be found by the wagons just outside of the encampment (in the same area that the landslide happened).

Screenshot: Disney / Kotaku
Screenshot: Disney / Kotaku

Follow Mushu to the nearby chest, open it, and then open the gift bag you receive. Having obtained this final item, Mushu will finally reveal he’s ready to join your valley, too. Congratulations!


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