Unique Hong Kong-style Starbucks to close after a decade

A unique Hong Kong-style Starbucks is going to close after a decade. Video filmed on October 6 shows a Starbucks store full of old-school Hong Kong elements such as neon signs, birdcages, red rooster bowls, spittoons, fly swatters, fans and signage. In 2007, Hong Kong-based F&B chain Maxim’s, which brought Starbucks to the city, contacted GOD founder Douglas Young about doing something at the top of the stairs on Duddell Street. Young said Starbucks had this idea that they called extreme localisation that respects the local culture and they chose to use Hong Kong as a testbed. The Hong Kong-style Starbucks opened on June 10, 2009, and became a media sensation that surprised Maxim’s. The store will close permanently in mid-October and Yong believed that the idea has been copied by other cafes in Hong Kong is one reason for Maxim's to make the decision.

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