Unionist protesters deliver letter to Downing St demanding Northern Ireland Protocol be dropped

On Saturday 9 October, Unionist protesters delivered a letter to Downing Street, home of the UK prime minister, demanding that the Northern Ireland Protocol be dropped. Protesters sang the national anthem marched through Whitehall and Parliament Square, laid a wreath for Northern Ireland soldiers, at a war dead monument, and delivered a letter to Downing Street. The protocol is an agreement between the UK and EU to have some customs checks on goods travelling between the UK and Northern Ireland, in an attempt to avoid having the customs checks on the border between northern (UK) and southern (EU) Ireland. Unionists in Northern Ireland angrily reject this, seeing it as de facto putting a border between Britain and Northern Ireland, without proposing a clear alternative solution that allows there to be no so-called hard border on the island of Ireland and the EU to maintain customs checks on goods entering its territory.

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