Ungku Ismail Aziz doesn't want to share Nad Zainal's updates anymore

29 Nov – Ungku Ismail Aziz doesn't want people to focus anymore on the relationship between him and actress Nad Zainal, who is still in the ICU.

The actor, who stars in the upcoming drama, "Cina Buta" alongside the actress, took to Instagram Story to express his thoughts about the issue, saying that this is not the time to publicise about his relationship or career.

"This is the time to share updates about Nad's health. I am sure this is what people want to know, and not ridiculous and sensitive topic that is disrespectful to people's personality," he wrote.

Ungku Ismail stated that while he appreciates the media interviewing him and showing concern for Nad, there is a limit to everything.

"From now on, I will not give you any statement update about Nad Zainal's condition. Please refer to someone else. Thanks," he added.

It is noted that the actor previously admitted that he is getting to know the 32-year-old actress, saying that life has been quite lonely since Nad was hospitalised.

The actress and mother of two is currently being treated in the ICU after she was rushed to the hospital due to lung infection on 22 November.

Ungku Ismail Aziz admitted to be getting to know Nad Zainal
Ungku Ismail Aziz admitted to be getting to know Nad Zainal

(Photo Source: Ungku Ismail Aziz IG)