Unexpected ‘stage invasion’ at Kpop girl group aespa’s show in Chile leaves fans in stitches (VIDEO)

Malay Mail
Malay Mail

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 17 — It may not have been as dramatic as more recent ‘stage invasions’ faced by performers involving crazed fans, but an incident involving Kpop girl group aespa and an unwelcome presence onstage went viral yesterday, leaving fans amused.

During the performance of Aenergy during their recent SYNK: HYPER LINE tour in Chile, fans were left puzzled by members of the group who appeared distracted, momentarily breaking from the choreography.

Member Giselle had sidestepped and broken from their routine, despite others in Karina and Winter seemingly unbothered.

Those in attendance were puzzled over the minor ‘commotion’ — until Ningning pointed out the ‘perpetrator’.

The culprit? A cockroach.

Fans took to various social media platforms to analyse the situation with footage and hilarity ensuing when they managed to get footage from fancams of the roach in question..