Unemployed single mother with spinal injury and four daughters pleads for RM50,000 to fund child’s surgery, monthly expenses

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Malay Mail
Malay Mail

PETALING JAYA, July 15 — Three-month-old baby Moniikka Lokananthan, who was born with a cleft lip, needs to undergo surgery or her respiratory system will be severely affected.

Her mother Menaka Rasalingan, a single mother with three other older daughters, is hoping that kind donors can help donate to her daughter’s surgery as she doesn’t have the means to pay for it.

Her three other daughters are in government primary school — aged between five and 12.

After a fall and having injured her spine, Menaka is unable to work and only gets RM500 monthly from the government to pay for meals and bills at home.

Staying in a tiny People’s Housing Project (PPR) flat, she often frequents the Buddhist temple nearby to get food packets such as fried mihun, rice, and eggs once her groceries have depleted.

Despite having to battle many hardships, Menaka still loves her daughters and wants to do her best to provide for them/

“My eldest is 12 and at times, she looks after her younger siblings when I head to the hospital for Moniikka’s check-up.

“I love my daughters so much but I do not have the means to provide so much for them due to my condition.

“My girls are my world and I hope that kind donors can help my child and other expenses at home,” she told Malay Mail.

Due to her dire situation, she asked for help from non-governmental organisation (NGO) Pertubuhan Persatuan Kebajikan Amal Da Ai to help with the fundraising of her daughter’s first cleft lip surgery.

The NGO’s spokesperson Abby Yan said that Menaka was in dire need of funds to help with the surgery and house expenses.

“In their home, a pot of rice and vegetable curry is their staple and sometimes the food would be portioned to be eaten in a few days.

“Baby Moniikka would also need to undergo at least four other surgeries of cleft lip repair surgeries throughout her childhood.

“The helpless mother had to ask us for help and we will handle the crowdfunding of the whole process — from raising the surgery fee to covering the family’s expenses for two years.

“We sincerely hope that the enthusiastic public can lend a helping hand to help them through this difficult time,” she said.

Funds would be used to help the family of five with Moniikka’s surgery and to pay for household expenses for two years.

Anyone interested in making a donation can do so by calling Abby at 011-2611 3318 for more details.

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