Undergrad claims trial to rubbing bare genitals on sleeping woman in SMU study room

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SINGAPORE — A Singapore Management University (SMU) undergraduate had allegedly masturbated on top of a sleeping woman he was studying with at his school’s study room in the early hours of January last year.

The court heard that the 22-year-old woman awoke to a weight on top of her and found Lee Yan Ru committing the act.

Lee had allegedly groped the woman’s breasts under her shirt before the incident – while the two were watching a show on Netflix under a table in the room – according to a police officer who testified on Monday (7 September).

Lee, 24, is claiming trial to one count of molesting the girl, who cannot be named, by rubbing his genitals against her chest on 8 January last year at about 6.30am in a study room at SMU's School of Economics and Social Sciences.

He appeared in court on Monday, dressed in a black jacket, and accompanied by a friend and his parents.

The first witness to take the stand was police officer Wong Cheuk Kay, who had responded to the woman’s call for assistance. Wong and a partner reached the scene at about 6.45am.

Upon reaching the lobby of the school, Wong spotted the woman seated at a bench with Lee seated a distance away.

The police officer then interviewed the woman, who later brought him to the study room. The study room was then cordoned off as a crime scene.

The police officer added that his partner interviewed Lee, who refused to speak to the police.

Invitation to study together

According to the officer, the woman told him that Lee had invited her to study together at the study room at around 12am on 8 January. According to court documents, the two met at about 1am outside the School of Economics and Social Science Building of SMU before Lee brought her to the study room. There, the woman studied until 2am when she began feeling tired.

At that point, she began watching a show on Netflix, and Lee allegedly sat beside her to also watch the show. While watching, Lee claimed that the light was a little too glaring and suggested for the two to move under the table, the police officer said.

While under the table, Lee had allegedly placed both his hands under her shirt and squeezed her breasts. She then claimed that Lee tried to kiss her but she refused his advances.

Later, at about 4am, Lee allegedly fell asleep at a chair while the woman covered her head with a jacket and fell asleep on the floor. As she was sleeping, she suddenly felt a weight on top of her. She removed her jacket to find Lee masturbating above her.

She then claimed that Lee ejaculated towards her facial area, with some semen reaching her hair, according to the police officer.

After the incident, Lee wiped the woman’s neck, face and hair with tissue paper and discarded these in a plastic bag.

Afterward, the woman left the room for the security counter at the first level, followed by Lee. She spoke to the building’s security officer before calling the police.

The plastic bag containing the pieces of tissue were seized as evidence. Swabs were also conducted on the woman’s neck and face, and her jacket was taken for investigations. Tests conducted on the tissue paper and swabs revealed the presence of Lee’s semen. No semen was found on the jacket.

The school’s security officer Woo San Nin was the second witness to testify, saying that the woman had approached him on the morning of 8 January to say that Lee had “misbehaved”.

The Certis CISCO officer, who was working the night shift, recalled seeing Lee kneeling and asking the woman for forgiveness.

Although Woo could not hear what Lee said, he recalled that the woman appeared “very angry” and stressed.

A police officer who took Lee’s statement testified that Lee told her that he had received harassing text messages following the incident, but no action was taken in relation to these messages.

The trial resumes in the afternoon with the woman expected to take the stand.

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