Under fired Bukit Dinding developer says project on slope complies with safety standards

Malay Mail
Malay Mail

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 28 — The real estate developer that is facing opposition from residents around Bukit Dinding here said today the property project it is undertaking there complies with all safety and environmental regulations.

Nova Pesona Sdn Bhd said in a statement that the project’s environmental impact assessment had been approved by the Department of Environment twice, first in 2004 followed by a second approval in 2017.

A year later, the master layout plan was greenlit after the company satisfied all compliance guidelines in the New Guidelines on Hillslope Development 2010, with the agreement from the City Hall’s panel overlooking development on environmentally sensitive areas called the JKKAS, it claimed further.

“The developer has invested a substantial amount of time and money since 2004 till 2022. 18 years have been spent working on the design and development of this private land,” it said.

“Extensive studies have been done taking into account all stakeholders’ views and interests, including giving up 32.13 acres of private land and giving back to the community with a recreational public park. The developer has complied with the stringent requirements of DBKL on this development,” it added.

Last week, Malay Mail reported Setiawangsa and Wangsa Maju residents’ opposition against the planned development along the foothill of Bukit Dinding, in a fight that has again cast the spotlight on the Kuala Lumpur City Hall’s (DBKL) vetting process.

Bukit Dinding, while just under 300 metres tall, is a popular spot for urban folks. But the lush hill — believed to be the tallest within city limits — is also known to be landslide-prone, according to homeowners whose homes dot the surrounding areas.

Since news about the development plan surfaced, hundreds of concerned residents have mounted a drive to pressure DBKL against allowing the project, worried that the development around the steep hill could worsen existing landslide problems.

Nova Pesona responded by stating that all natural slopes have ground water flowing, and that it had put in place the necessary measures to drain water from rain and prevent soil erosion.

“Bukit Dinding is a natural hill and as such ground water exists. To control ground water for cut slopes, horizontal drains are installed to release groundwater build up during very heavy rainfall. For filled slopes, subsoil drains are installed before filling to control and release additional ground water,” it said.

Malay Mail was told by residents that they remained unconvinced by Nova Pesona’s explanation and have demanded DBKL release the EIA and slope stability audit report so they can independently scrutinise.

But the developer suggested that most residents had already agreed to the project. In 2015, a public dialogue was said to have been held at the Setiawangsa DBKL branch office attended by officials from the City Hall and a residents association near Bukit Dinding.

It did not state which RA had attended.