Undead Inc. is the ‘Breaking Bad’ of strategy simulation games

 A medical worker talking to camera
A medical worker talking to camera

Undead Inc. is the newest upcoming simulation strategy city builder title by Rightsized Games that looks to rival both the Umbrella Corporation and Hospital 2.0.

In Undead Inc., you can play as one of several directors, heading up a local subsidiary unit for the morally ambiguous company Endswell Medical. It would be best if you built up your research stations, pharmacies, and doctor rooms, so you can rake in enough money to come up with the monthly franchisee cost of $90,000. Trust us you don’t want to discover what happens if you don’t make the cut.

TRG got to have an in-depth session with the lead game developer and CEO of Rightsized Games, Doru Apreotesei, as he took us through every squeaky-clean corridor and gorilla-infested underground lair Undead Inc. offers.

A how-to in illegal research

Screenshot of room layout
Screenshot of room layout

Endswell Medical is a different breed of evil and morally ambiguous medical corporation. Instead of the usual seemingly dangerous but actually one-dimensional opponent that graces our monitors, Apreotesei wanted to create something with more substance.

Tonally, we're going for something that's a little bit like Breaking Bad or Better Call Saul with its satire

"[Typical evil medical organizations in games] have all these fantastic viruses and bioweapons, and then some dude that looks like a male model shows up and completely ends their entire organization, sometimes with a lady that just sort of walked in off the street", Apreotesei says. "I'm not interested in creating an organization that can't tackle those threats".

Endswell Medical is "twisting the script" with its sinister plans and stellar risk mitigation strategy. Instead of having employees, Endswell retains 'franchisees' who don't actually work for them in the typical sense, meaning that the evil corp isn't responsible for their health or wellbeing. Then, if the franchisees get caught doing anything shady, Endswell has plausible deniability.

"It's a pretty nice business model; if I were ever to go into this space, that's how I'd play it", Apreotesei says. "However, it's still a little bit tongue-in-cheek. Tonally, we're going for something that's a little bit like Breaking Bad or Better Call Saul with its satire."

A breath of fresh air

Characters running around a room
Characters running around a room

As someone who enjoys sinking hours into strategy simulation games, I couldn't be happier to briefly turn off my moral compass and take on the task of expanding Endswell Medical's criminal empire.

While you start off small with only one rented building, there are possibilities to not only expand your base of operations into more buildings down the street (some dangerously close to the police station), but you can also dig underground. Your subterranean lair can house all sorts of illegal activities and have almost limitless possibilities for size and structure. I, for one, can't wait to build an illegal Gorilla laboratory underneath the local American Diner.

It's also thrilling to have the constant and horrifying concept of Endswell Medical's CEO Coleman breathing down your neck. Not only do you have to be wary of morally conscious employees, and snooping police officers, but you could also be sent to an early grave if you don't deliver on your corporate promises. This provides just the right amount of adrenaline and pressure to make you second guess and think through every decision you make, as it could well be your last.

No release date has been announced for Undead Inc. as of yet, but while you wait, be sure to check out these great simulation games that are available to play right now.