Uncovering Earth's secrets one webisode at a time

This paleontologist uncovers Earth’s hidden stories

Location: Mansoura, Egypt

and reveals them in a web series 'Hafrology'


"'Hafrology' is a page that tells stories, but not just any stories. The Earth speaks and I translate its tales. I tell stories about fossils and the Earth from its very beginning, the history of life on Earth since the first being was created up until now. It's told in a simple way so people can understand and experience the beauty that these fossils portray."

Shorouk is part of a team at Mansoura University

that uncovered the remains of snake bones

estimated to be over 30 million years old

AL-ASHKAR RECORDING EPISODE FOR WEB SERIES SAYING (Arabic): "Our show today is a controversial one. We will talk about the evolution of whales from the time they were terrestrial animals up until they became one of the largest beings on Earth as they are today."