Uncorked: When is rosé season?

Most rosé can be enjoyed all year round  (Getty/iStock)
Most rosé can be enjoyed all year round (Getty/iStock)

Q. When is Rosé season?

A. Birthdays and anniversaries are fun enough but nothing can compete with the golden point in our calendar year that tops them all.

The first day that begins the best season to come. The moment we shed our extra layers, get ourselves outside and uncork the first chilled bottle of blushing pink rosé. The time has come, people – rosé has begun.

There are myriad wonderful bottles of the pink stuff across our great wine world and most can be enjoyed all year round, no questions asked.

Though, there is something so joyous, so commemorative, dare I say it… so perfect… about waiting until the ripe days of late spring to pop open your first bottle.

The sun is out past 7, the air is warm and the leaves are showing their brightest green. Your day only begins once the work day ends and you can be outside with friends, slowly sipping your way through a blush, berried, pink Grenache from Corsica. Or a pale, almost there, crisp glass of Syrah from Provence.

Perhaps you’re celebrating the glory days with floral pink fizz from Venetia. Either way, when the blossoms are out and the barbecues are hot, the time has come, to well and truly begin rosé season.

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