‘Uncle’ says sympathises with convicted Kuantan road bully

PETALING JAYA, July 23 — Sim Siak Heong feels sorry for Siti Fairrah Asyikin Kamaruddin after she pleaded guilty yesterday to damaging his car following an accident in Kuantan.

Referred to as “Uncle Sim” after the incident on July 14, he said Siti Fairrah did not deserve the punishment and urged the public to forgive her.

Siti Fairrah, or better known as Kiki, was fined RM5,000 and ordered to do 240 hours of community work by the Kuantan Sessions Court after she pleaded guilty to intentionally causing damage to Sim’s vehicle at the car park  in Jalan Sekilau, Kuantan.

“I feel sorry for her. She doesn’t deserve it at all,” said Sim, 68.

“I have forgiven her and I urge the public to do the same. There is no need to condemn her anymore.”

Judge Datuk Zainal Abidin Kamaruddin advised Siti Fairrah to contain her temper and  to behave “like a lady instead of a road bully”.

Siti Fairrah, who was represented by counsel Rosli Yusof, said she became emotional after the accident.

“I regret my actions and have even apologised to Uncle Sim. I was also left traumatised by the incident as people started to follow me to my house and hurl me with abusive remarks,” she said.

Siti Fairrah received brickbats after a video clip of her argument with Sim went viral online.

In the video clip, she demanded RM2,000 from Sim for damages to her car and went on to hit Sim’s car. 

Following the incident, she was picked up by police on July 17 before she was charged in court.

Zainal Abidin advised Siti Fairrah to contain her temper and that she should behave like a lady instead of a road bully.

Siti, who was represented by counsel Rosli Yusof, said she became emotional after the incident.

Social media users said the incident served as a valuable lesson.

Facebook user HL Chew posted: “Good lesson 4 all malaysians not only 4 Kiki, cannot easily bully a senior citizen. Really hope she acts an deal with the situation wisely in future.”

Another Facebook user Esmeralda Soliano said: “She got angry, she apologised, he was calm and forgave her. He got fined for knocking her. So did she for being a road rage bully n hitting his car back. Its over so lets move on”.