'Unbelievable': Kookaburra Wolfs Down Dead Rat While Perched on Railing

A kookaburra amazed a man in Queensland, Australia, when it alighted on his balcony railing with a dead rat in its beak, then gobbled it down.

George Trojanowski of Kiels Mountain, Queensland, filmed the bird, nicknamed Scruff, as it ate the nauseating meal. “Unbelievable,” Trojanowski says in the video.

Trojanowski said, “We live on a small rural mountaintop property and have encouraged many wild birds to adopt our home as a sanctuary and occasional supplementary feeding opportunity. Scruff is one of five kookaburras that visit regularly, and he is definitely the character of the bunch. He’s brought other ‘kills’ for us to admire but this rat was definitely the pièce de résistance.” Credit: George Trojanowski via Storyful

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