Umno won't collapse despite court cluster vs minister cluster labels - Asyraf

Haspaizi Zain
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Umno won't collapse despite court cluster vs minister cluster labels - Asyraf
Umno won't collapse despite court cluster vs minister cluster labels - Asyraf

Umno Youth chief Asyraf Wajdi Dusuki is confident his party will persevere despite disagreements within the party.

This is amid two factions competing to chart the course of the party's future, with one group being labelled as the "court cluster" and another the "minister cluster".

Asyraf (photo, above) said the current tussle should be seen in the context of how Umno continues to survive despite past disagreements.

"Since before, leadership crises and differences of opinions have not been alien to Umno. Sometimes, it has led to quarrels as Umno celebrates democracy.

"That's something we need to remember in the current context. We do not see that the (current) differences will lead to the collapse of the party," he told Malaysiakini in an interview ahead of the two-day Umno annual general assembly, which begins today.

The "court cluster" refers to a faction of Umno leaders facing graft cases and were not appointed into the government.

Meanwhile, the "minister cluster" refers to another Umno faction comprising leaders who were appointed into the government and are friendly towards Bersatu, Umno's splinter party.

Both Umno and Bersatu are part of the federal government, but the latter is the dominant force.

Asyraf downplayed the labelling. "A lot of issues are created by those who are jealous of Umno with labels such as 'minister cluster' and 'court cluster' when it does not arise," he said.

He also reiterated that Umno's current dealings with Bersatu are temporary until the 15th general election.

"From the onset, our relationship with Bersatu was not supposed to be eternal but only until the general election.

"But from the process of forming the government until today, we see there is something wrong with this relationship - from the grassroots level to the top," he said.

Asyraf said Umno had never agreed to formally join the Perikatan Nasional (PN) coalition.

There is no way we will give up the BN identity," he said.

Apart from maintaining the BN identity, Asyraf said the coalition also formed a pact with PAS, although the Islamist party has now drifted towards Bersatu and formally joined PN.

Amid the clashes and uncertainties, Asyraf said he hoped the Umno AGM could resolve the ongoing conflicts and also chart a course for the party.