Umno veep monitoring Johor polls prep

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Umno veep monitoring Johor polls prep
Umno veep monitoring Johor polls prep

In yet another sign that the Johor legislative assembly election is happening soon, Umno vice-president Mohamed Khaled Nordin visited a small campaigning operation last night.

Khaled revealed on his Facebook that he visited the Umno operations centre for the Keembong voting district, which is part of the Johor Jaya constituency.

"Although Johor Jaya is held by the opposition, Umno is steadfast and will work hard to ensure BN retakes the seat.

"(During my speech) I also stressed to MCA that it is very important for them to work hard and restore Chinese support for BN," he said.

Johor Jaya was traditionally a BN and MCA stronghold until the 2013 elections.

There is intense speculation that Umno's leadership was keen on dissolving the Johor legislative assembly to pave way for fresh polls.

In November last year, Umno was given a massive political boost when it forced a snap election in Malacca, allowing it to form a state government with a two-thirds majority without Bersatu.

Presently, Umno has to depend on Bersatu to be in government in Johor. However, this state administration only has a one-seat majority.

Khaled said he had informed the activists in Johor Jaya that BN will not be seeking cooperation with parties outside the coalition during future elections.

"A dominant BN in government will ensure political stability and peace," he added.

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