Umno’s Nur Jazlan slams PAS for rejecting early GE, accuses Islamist party of valuing worldly gains more

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Malay Mail

JOHOR BARU, June 9 — Johor Umno’s outspoken leader Datuk Nur Jazlan Mohamed today criticised PAS for forgetting its roots in an apparently desperate bid to hang on to its government posts for both power and remuneration.

He said the reason for such behaviour from the Islamist party was obvious: its leaders were afraid of losing their salaries as ministers and government remuneration if a snap general election was called.

Nur Jazlan, who is the Johor Umno deputy chief, said PAS leaders have made it clear that they do not want the 15th general election (GE15) to be held anytime soon.

He said this was due to PAS leaders’ pursuit of worldly gains despite the party’s stance of upholding the Islamic struggle.

“That is why when they were first appointed as ministers in the federal government in 2020, their speech, behaviour and demeanour began to change.

“Their original struggle, supposedly to establish an Islamic government began to fade. Many of their goals were made to legitimise ways to ensure that their positions and ranks in the Cabinet will be maintained,” said Nur Jazlan in a statement issued on his official Facebook page today.

It is believed that his statement was triggered by recent events involving PAS leaders, starting with their strong stand against calling for snap polls and their insistence on being part of both Perikatan Nasional (PN) with Bersatu and Muafakat Nasional (MN) with Umno.

Recently, PAS minister Datuk Idris Ahmad was chided for his ignorance and lack of understanding regarding the upcoming Japanese cultural festival Bon Odori in Selangor.

On the call for an early general election, Nur Jazlan said all senior PAS leaders issued statements rejecting BN’s and Umno’s proposal to speed up GE15 to create a new, stable and strong government.

“Starting with Abdul Hadi (Tan Sri Abdul Hadi Awang) right up to his deputy and vice-president, the PAS leadership wants the PN government to be maintained until the end of the mandated term.

“Their excuse is that the people are still facing hardship and more needs to be done by the federal government before a snap election can be called.

“The problem is as long as GE15 is not held and as long as a strong, stable as well as efficient government is not established, the people will still face difficulties,” said Nur Jazlan who is also the Pulai Umno division chief.

Nur Jazlan also pointed out that PAS under the leadership of its president Abdul Hadi has gone astray.

He said it is hardly ever heard of now that PAS wants to implement Islamic policies and values in the government.

“The reason given by PAS leaders is quite cliché despite being in the federal government as they will say the Islamist party is not the dominant party in the government, so they just follow the wishes of all parties in the government,” he said.

Nur Jazlan also reminded PAS leaders that Malaysia practises a democratic system where the decision to dissolve Parliament and to call for a general election is determined by the majority power with the consent of the Agong.

“It is very different from the system practised by PAS where all decisions are determined by the Syura Council.

“So, PAS leaders should sit quietly and just wait for the prime minister to bring forward the proposal to dissolve Parliament to be approved by His Majesty,” he said.

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