Umno’s Nur Jazlan calls PAS a hypocrite for keeping quiet on Gerakan ‘Imam Al-Nawawi’s 40 Hadith’ module objection

Malay Mail
Malay Mail

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 27 — Umno’s Datuk Nur Jazlan Mohamed today called out PAS for being a hypocrite after the Islamic party has been quiet on its ally, Gerakan, who objected the implementation of ‘Imam Al Nawawi’s 40 Hadith’ appreciation module at national schools.

The Umno supreme council member said PAS rides on religious issues only when there’s political interest.

“I would like to ask where the Ulama and Pak Lebai groups in PAS go when their ally in Perikatan Nasional (PN), Gerakan, is excited to object the government’s proposal of the Appreciation Module 40 Hadith of Imam Nawawi for Muslim students.

“When the party is not their ally (MCA) objecting, Pak Lebai is fast to reply and issues an inappropriate statement on non-Muslims protesting because of Islamophobic feelings.

“Why don’t PAS advise the leaders in Gerakan too as they sit down where they (PAS) uphold the teachings of Islam to non-Muslim parties in PN?” he posted on his Facebook account.

He said PAS is quick to accuse Umno of sidelining the Malays and Islam after the latter left Muafakat Nasional, an informal charter that Umno formed with PAS after the 2018 general election, which collapsed after the Islamist party joined PN formally as a component to indicate its preference for Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia.

He also said PAS hit the Malay party badly when Umno work together with DAP in the current government.

“It is said that Umno is working with an anti-Muslim and Malay party. But Gerakan is the same. Sometimes Gerakan is more extreme in some issues such as summoning PAS Kelantan in the issue of Hudud. Gerakan was also vocal in their protest with the implementation of Jawi writing on textbooks in all Chinese national schools (SJKC) and Tamil national schools (SJKT).

“But why can PAS collude with in PN Gerakan, which has been blatant so many times that it is about the issue of Islam? PAS can also close one eye with Gerakan because they are friends. So the ruling of Islamic rights brought by the PAS can choose which side is right and wrong, yes?

“Do not bring political hypocrisy to religious issues solely in the interests of power and position,” he said.