Ulsan Residents Rescued as Deadly Typhoon Tracks Through South Korea

Typhoon Hinnamnor tracked through South Korea’s southeast on Tuesday, September 6, leaving at least three dead and eight missing, according to local news reports.

Hinnamnor made landfall in Geoje at 4:50am and had moved back out to sea by 7:10am on Tuesday, according to the "Korea Meteorological Administration (KMA). By Tuesday afternoon, typhoon warnings were lifted in all parts of South Korea; however strong wind and tsunami advisories remained in place, the KMA said.

The Korean Herald said 2,906 people were temporarily evacuated from their homes across the country and 66,341 residences had power outages because of the typhoon.

One person was reported missing in the southern city of Ulsan, according to local media reports. This footage shows fire crews rescuing stranded flood victims in Ulsan. Credit: Ulsan Fire Department via Storyful

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