UK's Johnson says he's leaving with head held high

STORY: Speaking during prime ministers questions in parliament, Johnson joked about looking for a new job and that "vacancies are at an all time high".

Johnson, who won a large majority in December 2019, announced last week that he would step down after a torrent of resignations from ministers and with many Conservative Party lawmakers in open revolt.

His would-be successors have stressed how they would offer integrity and trustworthiness in contrast, but face questions of their own, such as why they backed Johnson for so long.

Rishi Sunak, whose resignation as finance minister last week helped precipitate Johnson's fall, is the bookmakers' favourite and has the most public support among lawmakers. His successor Nadhim Zahawi and foreign minister Liz Truss are also among the remaining candidates.

Conservative lawmakers will vote on Wednesday to narrow the field of the eight remaining candidates.

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