UK's Johnson resists calls to sack aide accused of lockdown breach

POLITICAL ADVISOR DOMINIC CUMMINGS SAYING (English): ''I behaved reasonably and legally.''

Boris Johnson's divisive top aide has been accused of breaking lockdown rules in late March.

By travelling 250 miles with his wife, who was ill with COVID-19, to be near his parents.

But the British prime minister resisted calls on Saturday to sack Dominic Cummings, one of the most powerful members of his government.

A polarising figure, Cummings masterminded the 2016 Leave campaign to take the UK out of the European Union.

Johnson imposed a strict lockdown on March 23, and four days later announced he himself had tested positive.

After which Cummings was seen running away from Downing Street.

Johnson's office said his adviser's actions were in line with government guidelines to avoid non-essential travel.

And that he'd made the journey to ensure his young son could be properly cared for.

Since his wife had COVID-19 and it was likely he'd get it too.

The prime minister's office said at the time Cummings was self-isolating at home.

Despite the denial, Cummings' actions put Johnson in a tight spot.

Two top medical advisers involved in the UK's coronavirus planning had to resign when it emerged they'd broken the government's stay-at-home rules.

Johnson's government is already under fire for its coronavirus response - accused of being too slow to lockdown and introduce mass testing and tracking.

Opposition figures have demanded Cummings' resignation.