Ukrainians Cheer for Soldiers in Central Kherson

A jubilant crowd welcomed Ukrainian soldiers into central Kherson on Friday, November 11, after Russian forces pulled back from the city, which had been occupied early in the war.

Earlier on Friday, the Ukrainian flag was seen flying above the regional administration headquarters in the city as some Ukrainian officials said the army had entered. The military itself had yet to confirm this, but dozens of videos and photos of recaptured territory throughout the oblast emerged on Thursday and Friday.

This footage shows a large gathering of people, some waving or wearing Ukrainian flags, chanting “Slava ZSU,” or “glory to the Ukrainian armed forces,” and just “ZSU,” an acronym for the military, at soldiers in cars.

Some people hoist a female soldier onto their shoulders, and a male soldier is seen being embraced and taking selfies with others.

Russia claimed on Friday that its forces had fully withdrawn from the west bank of the Dnieper River. Credit: Suspilne News via Storyful

Video transcript