Ukrainian volunteers search for fallen soldiers

STORY: With the sounds of artillery booming in the distance, these volunteers search for the bodies of fallen soldiers in eastern Ukraine’s battlefields.

The group is called "Black Tulip" and members say they're driven by a higher purpose.

“When we dig up our guys, I think we’re doing a good deed," says 26-year-old volunteer Artur Simeiko. "Their parents are waiting for them at home. They shouldn’t lie in some forest, field or on the street.”

There are about a hundred volunteers locating the bodies of both Ukrainian and Russian soldiers near the front line.

The group declined to say how many it has found.

The work is dangerous.

Remains are often found with remnants of explosive weapons.

Some are even booby-trapped and volunteers take precautions like lying down to avoid being hit by a potential blast.

Oleksii Iukov says he has located the remains of thousands of Second World War soldiers buried in unmarked sites in the past and lost an eye when a mine detonated during his work.

"One never gets used to this. Whenever you dig up a boy, you live through his nightmare and the horror he went through in his last moment, when he understood that this is the end, there's no way back."

Iukov says volunteers then have to break the news to the soldier’s loved ones, dashing any hope that the soldier might have been taken prisoner - or somehow still alive.

But the group says it's determined to return every fallen Ukrainian from this war, all in an effort to bring difficult - but necessary - closure to their families.