Ukrainian spots her belongings on Russian tank

STORY: The photograph, taken by Reuters on May 26, shows a soldier atop a Russian tank, marked with the letter 'Z', laden with a cardboard box and blankets, driving past destroyed buildings in the city of Popasna in Luhansk region.

Alina Koreniuk, who has escaped with her two children to Britain, said her husband sent her the photograph and she immediately recognized her personal possessions - including children's bed linen - which she had left behind when fleeing in April.

“When you are left with nothing, you look closer at everything. I realize that so many people have looked at this photograph, and sadly, it turns out that they are my belongings,” she said.

Reuters could not independently confirm Koreniuk's account.

“I just want to make the point that the Russian army is not only destroying, they are also stealing what has not been destroyed,” she told Reuters on June 1.

Russia has not responded to widespread allegations of looting by soldiers in parts of Ukraine.

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