Ukrainian general urges digging in rather than dreaming of quick victory

Ukrainian soldier in a trench near the front line in Donetsk region, November 4, 2023
Ukrainian soldier in a trench near the front line in Donetsk region, November 4, 2023

Instead of relying on unrealistic “forecasts” of quickly liberating Crimea, Ukrainian forces should instead focus on fortifying their positions against forthcoming Russian assaults, Maj. Gen. Serhiy Kryvonos said in an interview with NV Radio on Nov. 6.

During the broadcast, Kryvonos said that "the enemy has achieved excellent results" through the efficient fortification of their positions. He pointed out the importance of similar measures to deter aggressors as effectively as the enemy has stalled Ukrainian forces, emphasizing the potential to save soldiers’ lives.

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“Why shouldn't we do the same to stop the enemy just as successfully? There is no reason," he said.

"We were fed false hopes – telling us that in a month, they'd run out of steam, and in two months, we'd be in Crimea; that they're running low on the missiles striking our cities and villages, that they have no drones, and that they lack resources. Meanwhile, the Russians steadily increased their capabilities through swift error analysis and effective countermeasures to our operations."

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The general suggested that focusing less on narratives of imminent advancement into Crimea and more on preparing for a robust defense would lead to "excellent results." He posited that with a network of well-fortified redoubts, Ukraine could gain significant strategic advantages.

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"If you also organize intelligence correctly and strike ahead of the [advancing] enemy, it will yield even greater results," Kryvonos added.

In a recent article for The Economist, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valerii Zaluzhnyi said that the war with Russia has entered a positional warfare phase, with a significant technological advance required to break the stalemate.

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