Ukrainian footage appears to show missile strike in Kharkiv

STORY: The shelling destroyed one building and severely damaged another one nearby.

“There was a 12-year-old girl there. She was sleeping.” Iryna, a local resident, told Reuters as she cleaned her wounds.

Yevhen Vasylchenko, a spokesman for Ukraine’s State Emergency Services, confirmed that a 12-year-old girl is among the wounded and she was taken to hospital.

Vasylchenko added their preliminary findings indicated it was an Iskander rocket, which is used by the Russian military.

Reuters was able to verify the location of the CCTV showing the rocket strike through our reporters on the ground.

Russian forces have been pounding Kharkiv for weeks.

Regional authorities said apartment buildings and schools have been targeted, with civilians killed.

Russia renewed its shelling of the city and the surrounding countryside in what Kyiv says is a bid to force Ukraine to pull resources from the main battlefield in Donbas to protect civilians from attack.

Russia denies targeting civilians in what it calls a "special military operation" to demilitarize and "de-nazify" Ukraine.

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