Ukrainian First Lady Visits Bidens in Washington

The Bidens hosted Olena Zelenska, the first lady of Ukraine, on July 19 at the White House in a show of solidarity with Ukraine amid its ongoing war with Russia.

Jill Biden met Zelenska for the first time during her trip to Ukraine in May.

Zelenska also met with Douglas Emhoff, the second gentleman, to discuss how to “turn the soft power of the first spouses into a powerful and effective tool.”

President Joe Biden tweeted: “First lady of Ukraine Olena Zelenska embodies the same tenacity and resilience as the country she hails from.” Credit: Olena Zelenska via Storyful

Video transcript


- Madam First Lady, what do you plan to discuss with the President?

- Mr. President, Pope Francis, do you believe he could help end the war?

JILL BIDEN: And, you know, I think when I came back, you cannot go into a war zone and come back and not think of the people [INAUDIBLE].

So, I know you're here. You asked me then, talked to my team, and I think you received my letter.

- Yes.

JILL BIDEN: About what we're doing to [INAUDIBLE] the tragedy and the atrocities and--

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