Ukrainian drone takes out Russian occupier busy ‘installing a mine’ – funny video

The occupier didn't even have time to draw his pants
The occupier didn't even have time to draw his pants

A Ukrainian drone operator captured a Russian occupier in the midst of a grave violation of Ukrainian territory and delivered swift consequences.

Journalist Yuriy Butusov shared the video from the Ivan Sirko 92nd Separate Assault Brigade on his Telegram channel on Nov. 6.

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The footage reveals the Ukrainian drone catching the Russian soldier with his pants down, while he was alone in a trench to, so to speak, ‘install a mine.’

As a result, the occupier met a grim fate, humorously referred to in a Ukrainian meme as being sent to ‘Kobzon's concert’ – meeting one's end – even before he had a chance to pull up his pants.

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"The Russian ‘miner’ was clearly in the wrong place at the wrong time,” noted Butusov.

“The video was taken in the Bakhmut sector.”

Thus, this individual has joined the unofficial club of Russian soldiers who have died in Ukraine in the most absurd way possible.

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