Ukrainian drone production capacity may exceed Russia’s, says Air Force spox


Ukraine’s drone production capacity could exceed Russia’s thanks to the support of its Western partners, Ukrainian Air Force spokesman Yuriy Ihnat said on national television on Nov. 19.

"There are never too many drones; we need to expand [the number of] these systems. Perhaps,we are even in a better position than Russia because we have access to Western technologies," Ihant said.

The Russians may increasingly use drones in future attacks on Ukraine as their missile stockpile has decreased compared to last year, Ihnat said.

Ukraine’s anti-drone defenses have also improved, Ihnat added. Gepard anti-aircraft systems and mobile air defense fire groups are increasingly effective in intercepting Shahed drones.

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Since the spring of 2023, the number of Ukrainian companies producing weapons has quadrupled, Strategic Industries Minister Oleksandr Kamyshin said on Nov. 11.

“There is a [Ukrainian] equivalent of the Shahed 136 and it is being produced, and you can see it being used. We just never announce that it is a Ukrainian manufacturer, a brand, a factory, and so on. This is a security issue,” Kamyshin said.

Earlier, Kamyshin also reported that by the end of the current year, Ukraine aims to produce tens of thousands of drones per month.

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