Ukrainian Cabinet extends military service exemption for railway workers


The Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers, through Resolution 492 passed on May 3, has extended the deferment of military service for railway workers by another month on May 3.

Earlier, NV wrote about how reservations for persons liable for military service will be made and how the list of enterprises will change after mobilization bill comes into force.

New mobilization bill will come into force on May 18.

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According to new bill, following persons are subject to mobilization only if they wish to be mobilized:

  • Persons with disabilities (for military service under a contract)

  • persons released from captivity

  • persons under the age of 25 who have completed basic general military training or basic military service.

Discharged conscripts are transferred to mobilization resource in accordance with general rules (from age of 25). Basic military service begins on Sep. 1, 2025.

Citizens who are registered with the military may voluntarily create a personal electronic account of a conscript, person liable for military service or a reservist.

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All citizens of Ukraine who are liable for military service, within 60 days of the law's entry into force, need to specify:

  • address of residence

  • communication numbers

  • e-mail addresses

  • other personal data.

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