This Ukrainian baker makes hyper-realistic 3D cakes

The amateur baker behind these hyper-realistic cakes

has never even had any formal training

Location: Kyiv, Ukraine

Kristina Dolnyk’s passion for cake art first began in 2015

when her sister asked her to bake her a wedding cake

Arrow: Jelly

Arrow: Blue food coloring

ART CAKE BAKERY, KRISTINA DOLNYK, SAYING:"I don't treat it like a business. And I don't want to turn baking into business and mass production. I really like that every cake is unique, I never make the same cake twice, and that not everyone can afford it. I don't mean that it is too expensive. What I mean is that the demand for cakes is so high that even if I bake my entire life I won't be able to meet it."

Dolnyk often works until the early hours of the morning

and she's is now fully booked until the end of 2022