Ukrainian Artist Depicts Antonov An-225 Aircraft in Danish Field

A Ukrainian artist has paid a remarkable tribute to the famed Antonov An-225, known as the world’s largest aircraft until its destruction by Russian forces near Kyiv earlier this year.

Sculptor Nikita Zigura marked a giant silhouette of the plane into a field in Denmark, saying the 80-meter work was “a symbol of Ukraine’s victory, the symbol of life triumphing over death.”

“The aircraft itself, unfortunately, was destroyed by the invaders, but that doesn’t mean that they managed to crush our spirit or our faith in ourselves,” he said. “We will rebuild, and we will build the aircraft anew.”

Ukraine’s Culture Ministry praised the artwork in a Facebook post.

Anastasia Bratkova, who co-organized the project, said in a statement that they plan to recreate it in several other countries. Credit: Torben Hjorth/Nikita Zigura/Anastasia Bratkova via Storyful

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