Ukrainian Armed Forces stated that they do not see threat of Russian offensive on Kharkiv

The occupiers
The occupiers

There are currently no signs of preparations to attack Kharkiv, said Volodymyr Fitio, Armed Forces spokesman on Espresso TV on Jan. 27.

On Jan. 12 Synehubov also stated that Russian troops in Belgorod Oblast were not ready to repeat the offensive on the oblast center.

HUR has stated that disinformation campaigns are frequently carried out in order to sow discontent and destabilize the situation in Ukraine.

However, HUR spokesperson Andriy Yusov has said that Ukrainians should not panic. Commenting on these reports, the head of the Kharkiv Regional Military Administration, Oleh Synehubov, said that there are no Russian troop concentrations nearby.

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On Jan. 5, the British newspaper The Telegraph, citing a source "close to the Armed Forces," wrote that Russia could launch a major ground offensive in the Kharkiv oblast, calling Jan. 15 a likely date.

Fitio also noted that the northern border is being fortified, necessary forces and equipment are available, and the border is equipped with engineering equipment. Therefore, there is currently no threat to Kharkiv residents from the north.

According to Fitio, the number of Russian troops on the northern border is being monitored, so it is "almost impossible to conceal the movement of forces and equipment."

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